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Answer Me Now

Desarrollador Charles E. Campbell
0.99 usd

Answer Me Now is an Emergency Contact App that was created for parents and their child. It allows parents to contact their child in an emergency. A child can answer, snooze or delete their parent's call. If the Parent's number is deleted, the phone's location is transmitted to the parent's phone. The App has to be installed on both the parent's and child's phone. The person receiving the call has three options: 1. Answer The Call to talk with the caller, 2. Snooze The Call, which allows the call to repeat the call3. Delete The Call, which deletes the caller's contact and Send the Caller the GPS address location of the phone called.
With more weather related disasters, mass school shootings and terrorist attacks, Parents need to be able to locate their children, even when the are not able to answer their cellphone. AnswerMeNow App will provide reassurance that the Parents can locate their child and share that information with law enforcement.
Due to recent mass school shooting in the US and terrorist attacks in Paris, UK, EU and Africa, parents need a way to contact or locate their child. Answer Me Now offers peace of mind for parents.